Fortunately I was able to drop by Bandai Namco Entertainment offices and have a go at their newest One Piece game: Burning Blood. Taking a different stance from past One Piece games this follows a more brawl style genre with great online modes and features.

You have the ‘Blue Flag Mode’ where you follow the story and complete all the flags on the map which also unlock special flags which are super hard. I do like whilst playing you get an in built tutorial which isn’t too tedious and after completely all the moves on the screen you are allowed to battle the bosses.

Wanted mode is fun where people post up bounties on characters heads and you have to battle them for rewards. This is more of the bonus thing t do rather than integral to  the game.

Vs mode is quite technical you can decide your team of three playable characters, then three support characters and then another three for I am not sure what. The fighting system opens up possibilities for great status bonuses if you get the right combination.

chopper scary

After selecting my favourite character Sanji, I found his to have power kicks in battles however if he faces women his kicks turns into kisses which leaves him powerless. I also noticed Chopper has three forms, his usual skinny tall self when using a special move but the third form is a fat scary Chopper which I haven’t quite mastered why he becomes that. There are 40 playable characters and 65 support characters to choose from.

In promotion for Bandai Namco Entertainment’s new installment of One Piece: Burning Blood they have released ‘Behind The Game’ video series features developer Spike Chunsoft, Inc., as they discuss incorporating Devil Fruit abilities and Haki into the gameplay, using lighting to create the game’s signature look, and making sure the characters without Haki or Devil Fruit abilities have a fair fight.

burning blood one pieceThe game is scheduled to release in the EU June 3rd on:
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
PS Vita

The special edition RRP for £89.99 includes an art book and two figures of Whitebeard and his grave.

Watch ‘behind the Game’ series for the developers talking about the new features of the game.

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