This summer, there was a flurry of excitement when Twitter user @AtomicWick asked the question, “Where is my Addams Family remake starring Eva Green and Oscar Isaac and directed by Guillermo Del Toro.” And it seems that now, at least part of her wish has come true.

In April, the internet was gripped by the thought of a potential remake of the gothic cult classic, and when a video appeared that suggested that Netflix were making this series – with Isaac and Green, no less – fans were gripped. However, it turned out that this was a fan video made up of footage from the Addams Family movies, and the actors’ previous projects. If you haven’t seen the fan trailer yet, watch it below, and try telling us you don’t want to see that.

But, hope was not lost, as an Addams Family project was still in the works (and had been since 2013) which reunited the creepy, kooky family in animated form. Corpse Bride writer Pamela Pettler was initially hired to write the script back at its inception, and since then the story has been worked on by Matt Lieberman, with Sausage Party’s Conrad Vernon overseeing the animation in Vancouver.

Today, it has been announced that The Last Jedi’s Oscar Isaac will be voicing Gomez Addams in this animated take, much to the delight of fans everywhere, who have had the actor pinned in the role for a long time. The story of this iteration of the Addams family has yet to be revealed, however, as usual the tale will revolve around besotted couple Morticia and Gomez and their family; children Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, daunting Butler Lurch, Cousin It and disembodied hand, Thing.

We’ll bring you more news on the new Addams Family when we have it!

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