Developer Team 17 have announced that their zany couch-coop game Overcooked will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Not only that but they announced a release date, and it’s a hell of a lot closer than you’d think. Overcooked: Special Edition will release Thursday 27 July for the Nintendo Switch.

The special edition bundles together the main game along with The Lost Morsel DLC and Festive Seasoning DLC. It’s easy to see why Overcooked would be such a great fit for the Nintendo Switch what with it being such a great party game and all. This version will feature HD rumble and the ability to test the strengths of your friendships wherever you are.

Overcooked is a game where you and some friends aim to get different orders of food out on time. If all of this sounds simple I can assure you it isn’t. Shifting floors, lava and other mishaps stand between you and culinary perfection so it will take all of your wits and stellar communication to come out on top. Check out the trailer below!

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