Even the Bard wasn’t above fart jokes, so seeing one of the greatest Shakespearean actors cast in the role of actual poop shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Patrick Stewart has never been one to shy away from a good laugh. Despite being one of the most respected actors of stage and screen, he’s also the kind of man who’s happy to dress up in a lobster costume, mock the PM with wet wipes and generally create some of the funniest images on the internet even at the age of 76.

emoji patrick stewart

So really, is it any surprise that not only is he performing as a voice actor in the upcoming Emojis Movie, but he signed on as the one and only poop emoji?

We’ll leave that to sink in for a moment. (If you need any help imagining it, imagine Stewart’s majestically voiced Ted voice-over, but with less profanity and probably a few more adult jokes about sticking solely to the word “poop”)


The Emoji Movie has been, unsurprisingly, under quite a bit of fire lately, especially after a largely unimpressive teaser trailer (but then, it’s a movie based on text speak, one can’t expect too much). To add to the skepticism, director Tony Leondis is best known for his lackluster animated sequels and 2008 flop Igor. So, despite also having the likes of Mick White (School of Rock, HBO’s Enlightened) on the writing front, having a name like Patrick Stewart attached to the film might help, just a little, to save this flick at the box office.

Either that, or people might mistake it for SkullPoopl 2.


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