In recent years, we’ve seen Jennifer Garner become an actress synonymous with romantic comedies and heart-warming dramas, but things weren’t always this way – and the trailer for new film, Peppermint, sees Garner sink her teeth into some serious action.

Directed by Taken’s Pierre Morel, Peppermint stars Garner as a Riley, a woman who wakes from a coma to find that her husband and daughter have been brutally murdered. In the same pattern we’ve seen in many a film over the past few years, she goes straight to the murderous revenge stage of grief, turning into a hardcore vigilante, determined to kill those responsible for the murder of her loved ones. The difference with this film, however, is that for once, we see a aggrieved vigilante take the time to train, beginning her crusade five years later, on the anniversary of her husband and daughter’s death.

While it’s great to see Jennifer Garner return to the actress who starred in Alias as an awesome kick-ass spy, the film’s poster is an incredible show of poor photoshop skills, as it appears that Garner’s head has been put onto another person’s body – between that and the awful airbrushing, it’s hard to look directly at it:

peppermint poster

Nevertheless, Peppermint is slate for released on September 7th in the US, and September 21st in the UK.

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