Matt Reeves is keeping this one under wraps it seems

As he has done throughout this casting process, Matt Reeves has announced on Twitter that another actor is joining the ranks of The BatmanPeter Sarsgaard. What we don’t know for sure, however, is who Sarsgaard will be playing.

The consensus from Reeves’ somewhat mysterious post is that he will be playing another iconic Batman villain – Harvey Dent a.k.a. Two-Face.

This comes mostly from the fact that the gif Reeves posted of Sarsgaard does in fact have two faces in it, possibly a nod to the character’s villainous moniker.

It has also been rumoured for a while that Two-Face would be making an appearance in the film, with even the likes of Matthew McConaughey rumoured for the role.

Should he be playing the role of Two-Face, this would be the second DC Comics villain Sarsgaard has been cast as, the first being Hector Hammond in the Green Lantern film which starred Ryan Reynolds as the titular hero.

There’s also another pretty interesting connection between the actor and this role, as Sarsgaard is married to Maggie Gyllenhaal, who played Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, a character who was engaged to Harvey Dent in the film.

More on The Batman when we have it.

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