Greetings SBOCateers, last weekend the team was exhibiting at Play Expo Manchester 2017 and there just so happened to be a tonne of awesome games being shown. From Indies to AAA titles, we’ve got you covered for all the gaming goodies we saw throughout the weekend. Stay Tuned!

We’re now a week removed from Play EXPO Manchester 2017 and looking back, what has stayed with me is the sheer variety of the games I previewed. During the weekend I kept commenting on the fact that no two games I had played were at all the same. One game which cemented this fact with all the power of a jackhammer was Nippon Marathon.

nippon 1

As I sat down with the developer, I was met with a barrage of colours, animal heads and zany sportswear. He put the controller in my hand and asked me to pick my character, so far so normal. This is when the game’s true nature revealed itself. I had to choose between a man in a lobster suit, a humanoid with a dog’s head and a very fetching gilet, an old man dressed as a Japanese school girl and a lady in a unicorn suit. I immediately mashed the button selecting Snuguru Maestro the dog-man.

You see, Nippon Marathon is a race to the finish which eliminates the player in last place at regular intervals. It is also a Takeshi’s Castle-infused obstacle course with hilarious traps and ridiculous power-ups. There’s bananas which fulfil their now sacred video-game function of slipping up opponents. There’s watermelons and pineapples. The genius thing though is that as well as hurling them at other players, you can also eat them which gives you a short speed boost, obviously.

nippon 3

The best thing about Nippon Marathon though is that it is 4-player couch co-op. It’s here that the game really shines. Watching your friends careen through windows, take watermelons to the face and dive from great heights is brilliant. You can crouch, jump and dive across the game’s wonderfully wacky courses and thanks to the ragdoll physics and colourful colour palette, it all pops with endearing slapstick and baffling Japanese humour. My favourite obstacle comes in the form of a pack of Shiba Inus which chase and trip you.

This all really has to be seen to be believed so do check out the gameplay below and stay tuned for more Nippon Marathon details as we get them.

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