Prepare to fight off the undead London style in ZOMBI.

Prepare to fight off the undead London style in Zombi for PS4.

Sony have announced the list of games to be added to the PlayStation Plus library for the month of April.

Originally a Wii U launch title exclusive, Zombi made it’s way on to the PlayStation 4 last August. As a first person survival horror it sees players take the role of a survivor in the London apocalypse using a variety of weapons. It features an interesting gameplay mechanic when the player dies, after respawning as a new survivor they are able to kill their previous (now zombified) character in order to gain back collected items.

PS Plus members will be able to play Zombi as part of the new PS Plus library starting April 5th. You have until then to download the current library of games.

Here is the full list of games being added to the library:

Dead Star

I Am Alive
Savage Moon

PS Vita:
A Virus Named Tom

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