How’s that for not keeping a secret!

After the surprise (weird?) revelation at the end of M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, questions started being asked about the connections between that movie and its predecessor, Unbreakable. Considering that Unbreakable is almost two decades old at this point, the return to it was unexpected, and the creation of a franchise was even less predictable.

However, today Shyamalan has announced that a third film, a sequel to both Split and Unbreakable, is in the works. Set to feature the familiar faces of Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy, the third movie, Glass, is only 17 years late. So… better late than never?


In a series of tweets, Shyamalan dropped his own real-life plot twist by announcing the name and stars of the upcoming film. The title is an obvious reference to Unbreakable’s Mr. Glass and is described as a “crazy comic book thriller”.

Set to be released on January 18th 2019, it’s a long wait and a bit of premature excitement on Shyamalan’s part – but this brand new franchise could be what saves the once incredible director from himself…

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