A new Star Wars comicbook has revealed that the adorable little ball-droid BB-8, at one point had a girlfriend.

As The Last Jedi draws ever nearer, there’s a lot of news: fervent speculation about Snoke and Rey, actor Mark Hamill comparing Episode VIII’s filming to that of A New Hope, a new image of Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, the announcement that Benicio del Toro’s character, DJ, will be getting a comicbook spin-off – and now, the surreal thought that BB-8 has a love life.

The latest issue of the on-going Poe Dameron comic has introduced a new droid named Ivee. This new droid comes to find BB-8, and explains to Poe that she has repaired his X-Wing “for Beebee” – the droids then go off together, leaving Poe to put two and two together, saying “Huh. Good for you, pal.”

The comic’s writer Charles Soule responded to this tweet, further teasing the droids’ bond by tweeting the words, “Relationship status: It’s complicated.”

Poe Dameron #20: Legend Found, Part 1 is out now.


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