Pokémon Go’s Latest update has just been datamined to find a whole ton of files hinting towards the inclusion of an upcoming multi quest story-based system being added to the game.

Pokémon Go’s v0.91.1 update just released this week but the infamous Pokémon data miners Sliph Road released their findings on the latest update which besides a few interesting UI overhauls features only one big inclusion, a quest system. While you’ve been able to complete daily “quests” like catching your first Pokémon and visiting your first Pokéstop for the day, the new update plans to expand those 2 to 10. Including things like winning gym battles, feeding Pokémon and hatching eggs. There are also files about a multi-staged quest which could combine multiple different quests to get bigger rewards.

It’s not just new objective quests that have been discovered though, files for facial expressions for Professor Willow have also been uncovered. They are only for the emotions happy and sad but if this is only the start we can expect a lot more in the coming updates. It seems as though Pokémon Go is about to go through another huge update and bring in a whole new reason to bring players back to the incredibly popular mobile game.


Pokémon Go’s files have had a long history with datamining with people discovering files for legendary Pokémon long before there release and entire roster leaks for new generations of Pokémon added to the game. But as is the case with most datamines, we never know what is truly coming and when it’s coming however with it already being in the files of the game the next big update cant be that far around the corner.

Are story quests enough to bring you back to Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below.

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