Niantic, the studio behind global hit game, Pokémon GO, is working with Netflix to develop an animated series based on their other popular game, Ingress.

The series, titled Ingress: The Animation will tie in with the game’s upcoming sequel, Ingress Prime.

Produced by Crafter, noted animator Yuhei Sakuragi (Neon Genesis: Impact) will be directing the series, with Neon Genesis Evangelion’s art director, Takeshi Honda, in charge of the character design. Cast members are yet to be announced, but Japanese network Fuji TV will team up with Netflix on worldwide distribution.

Niantic founder John Hanke revealed plans for Ingress: The Animation to Variety, stating that “The anime peers into the ‘Ingress’ universe and allows viewers to see a part of that universe that is uniquely expressed.

In Ingress, matter leaking through portals has caused some people to develop powers, and the series will be focusing on Makoto and Sarah, both of whom have powers, while they are on the run from a man named Jack.

Makoto will have the power to tell the history of an object just by touching it, and Sarah will have the ability to see certain aspects of time and space. The three find themselves in an Enlightened versus Resistance battle (the factions available in the game) while Sarah and Makoto struggle to put a stop to the organisation that’s abusing the matter through human experimentation – this organisation will play a role in Ingress Prime.

Ingress: The Animation will take place in a parallel universe to the game, allow both to tell separate stories without worrying about contradictions. Both the game and the series are set to be released in October this year.

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