So here it is, folks. The first image of the Powers Rangers’ villain Rita Repulsa has been released.

Elizabeth Banks is the Power Rangers' arch-nemesis Rita Repulsa

Elizabeth Banks is the Power Rangers’ arch-nemesis Rita Repulsa

Does this look awful? And not the good kind of awful but the bad kind of awful. Have the new film makers never seen the original material or even thought about what the fans want?

Don’t get me wrong this is one gorgeous look for a villain but is it right for Power Rangers? Repulsa’s orignal outfit was more puffy and space-age onesie than semi-reptilian BDSM. Let’s not forget that while the nineties television show was cheap on effects, cheap on acting, cheap on dialogue, cheap on its locations and even cheaper on its production standards yet it made for extremely compulsive viewing. Its success garnered a couple movie adaptations, many spin-off series’ and even a fan made solo mini movie starring James Van Der Beek (he of Dawson Creek infamy). For many years I wanted to write a much more mature PR show (not graphic), is this the direction this team is going in?

From the trickles of images and details we’ve had so far no one knows. The new ‘kids’ look every bit as teeny-boppery and sad GAP advert as the nineties ones did.


With the addition of Hollywood actress and director Elizabeth Banks as Repulsa raise the stakes and interest in the PR property? And with what seems like a much bigger budget what will become of the production standards used to create the Zords? Will they be using physical effects and models or go down the CG route? With show creator Shuki Levy on board we know this movie will have some thing of the shows simple creativity quality in there.

While I am dubious how it will go (due to my lack of interest in the property) I am also curious to see how things will change the story and characters. Will it mature them or will they keep the tone the same, only more contemporary?

Dir: Dean Israelite
Wri: John Gatins, Shuki Levy
Starring: Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott, R.J. Cyler, Patrick Sabongui
Released: 24th March 2017

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