In a move that literally no-one saw coming, Ubisoft have seemingly teased a Predator crossover in their open world co-op shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands.

The news comes from the publisher’s Twitter account via a tweet which states “Something is coming to the Wildlands…”

As well as the cryptic tease, there is also a short teaser which shows men hanging from trees with their skin peeled off and ends with that iconic series of clicks which could only be a Predator. The game’s skull logo is also shown in a thermal vision motif.

All signs seem to point to a Predator mode but we’ll have to wait until the reveal tomorrow (December 14th). In the meantime check out the tweet below;

Ghost Recon Wildlands released earlier this year and has maintained a devoted fan base ever since. As of July, the game was the best selling game of the year so far, which has clearly convinced Ubisoft to continue to support it post launch. As well as a PvP mode, Ubisoft have added theme packs related to their other games like Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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