The international event series is readying a cast

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden are set to lead Joe and Anthony Russo’s upcoming global thriller series, Citadel, for Amazon Studios.

Amazon have also announced that a local language production of the series will originate from Mexico, in addition to the previously announced versions of the franchise in Italy and India. Chopra and Madden, who have both climbed to international fame, will star in the U.S. “mothership” edition of the series.

While details of the series are being kept closely guarded, Citadel is being described as a “groundbreaking global event multi-series” which will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

The Wrap spoke with Amazon Studios head Jen Salke during the TCA last year, after she revealed to reporters that the franchise will be an “action-packed spy series, with a compelling emotional centre.”

As complicated as Citadel’s concept seems, in her interview with The Wrap, Salke provided a little more detail on the project:

TheWrap: So the first series in the Russo Brothers’ franchise is a spy series, but there are more to come and they are all connected — how?

Salke: So I’ll give you an example, I’m making this up. So say there’s an Indian show you watch, a show you love in India, and it’s about an Indian doctor and she’s married to a guy and they have three children, and you realize that she’s being followed, and then you find out she’s actually living a double life. So you start following that thread of that story, but that character actually exists in the big show. So you’re taking people — without giving away too much of the concept — you’re taking people’s lives, their real lives that they’re living every day, and then this other life that they have as these spies. And so you’re going to be seeing that they live sort of in two spaces. But each thing can stand on its own, but they’ll feed into each other.

More on Citadel when we have it.

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