UPDATE- Sony have now confirmed the full line-up of PS Plus games for February 2018 which you can view here. The line-up adds Spelunker HD (PS3), Mugan Souls Z (PS3), Exiles End (PS Vita), Grand Kingdom (PS4, PS Vita) and StarBlood Arena (PSVR) to those included in the article below.

According to a post on Resetera, the free games with PS Plus for February 2018 have been leaked. The screenshot which you can view below reveals that none other than Knack himself will be coming to the service as well as 2017’s Rime.

Players have been speculating Knack‘s inclusion in PS Plus since its launch back in 20212 as it seemed like a complete shoe-in after the game performed poorly critically. Despite its lukewarm reception, the game actually received a sequel last year which added co-op mechanics and was received slightly more positively.

The other game revealed to be free in February is Rime. Rime is a beautiful adventure-puzzle game which follows a boy after he is shipwrecked on a strange island filled with ancient technology and secrets. The game was praised for its subtle environmental storytelling and was compared to Journey in terms of visual style.

There will of course be other titles announced including PS Vita and a PSVR game. The news will most likely be confirmed by PlayStation before the day is out so we will update this story with more details as we get them.

ps plus february 2018 leak

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