Greetings PlayStation fans, this week sees the release of a whole bunch of great games for the PSVR, from a golf game to racing to a story about a Minotaur, there’s plenty here to enjoy. Let’s dive in.

Heroes of the Seven Seas

Heroes of the Seven Seas

Set sail on a pirate adventure set in the 16th century. Cruise around on your ship, trade, explore and fight across the ocean. There’s dual wielding shooting mechanics as well as ship to ship naval combat to enjoy here so embrace your inner buccaneer and become a hero of the seven seas.

Infinite Minigolf

infinite minigolf

Infinite Minigolf centres around the ability to create and share courses with the community. Along with the standard release will come a VR version where you can take part in tournaments and challenges making use of arcade-style power ups.

Smashbox Arena
Smashbox Arena

Smashbox Arena is a team-based action game where players use insane power ups and weapons to accomplish different objectives. There’s a single player story mode and an online multiplayer mode which can be played with bots or friends. There’s a variety of weapons to choose from such as  Giant Boulders, Sniperballs and Heat Seeking Missiles.


Theseus VR

It’s an age-old tale of man vs. beast and now it’s available in VR. Theseus offers up immersive storytelling. Explore the gloomy environments in third person VR all the while battling beasties and the formidable Minotaur.

Tiny Trax

tiny trax

Remember the feeling of playing with Hot Wheels or Scalextrix as a kid? Well Tiny Trax feels exactly like that. With up to 4 player online play, Tiny Trax offers a perspective on racing games which has yet to be seen up to this point. Cars will jump and zoom inches away from your face as you race through varied environments including icy snowscapes, underwater jaunts and tropical vistas.

Plenty there to enjoy this week so be sure to tune in at the same time next week to hear about all of the new PSVR releases.


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