Greetings PlayStation fans! This week sees the release of two great games for PSVR including one in which you can feed cowboys to dinosaurs, need I say more? Let’s dive in!

CastleStorm VR Edition

Castlestorm VR Edition continues the streak of great tower-defence RPGs onto the platform but this time throws knights, trolls and mythical beasts into the mix. Defend your castle using catapults, arrows and soldiers all from a god-like VR perspective. Collect coins to level up infantry and unlock new weapons to smash your opponents with.

Dino Frontier

The Wild West and Jurassic Park collide in the miniature world of Dino Frontier. You assume the role of Big Mayor as you manage your settlement, build structures and train dinosaurs. You’ll use real-life gestures to build your settlement including hammering buildings and picking up and moving its inhabitants.

So there we have it folks, two awesome games to check out this week. Be sure to come back same time next week for all of the new releases for PSVR.


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