What a year. 2017 has been fantastic for all console-kind. Not a single platform has under-performed, each with their own merits and stand out titles. However outside of the mainstream efforts of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo;Sony went the extra mile. A little over a year ago Sony brought us innovation and immersion for games beyond any comparable level. Sony successfully brought Virtual Reality to the console market at an affordable price. However Sony‘s PSVR does have its competitors, so this year was always going to be ‘make or break’ for the console. And the verdict? Make. As in Make room in your video game collection for a plethora of excellent Virtual Reality titles. Whether you have been on board with Sony‘s Virtual Reality console since day one or you are just starting to feel you could take the plunge into VR now, there is no denying that VR is here to stay. So before we start to look ahead to another excellent year, Let us have a quick moment of reflection, Sony spoiled us with many excellent Virtual Reality titles in 2017 so to celebrate here are the top 5 PSVR games of 2017 you need in your Virtual Reality collection.

Megaton Rainfall


A low budget indie game doesn’t mean you can’t get a blockbuster experience. Pentadimensional Games’ Megaton Rainfall brings an immersive first-person super hero simulator and quite literally puts the power in your hands. Using the standard Playstation 4 controller fly through an entire universe with great satisfaction. Shoot lasers, freeze time and move objects with your mind. Take to the skies or crash to the ground as you save Earth from waves of spaceships each with their own movement patterns and abilities. You can get lost in the exploration or the unbridled joy of being able to blow chunks out of the moon. With a beautiful trance soundtrack and interesting gameplay and at such a low price it’s an experience you cannot afford to miss!



Back in the glory days of arcades, classic shooter games such as House of the Dead and Time Cop required Light gun controllers to play, something that fell into obscurity in recent years. However Impluse Gear’s Farpoint made gun controllers relevant again. Using the PSVR AIM controller you are able look down the sight of your rifle, use the built in twin analogue sticks to move around as you explore a desolate planet and rid it of its insectoid intergalactic pests. Think Starship Troopers only without Sergeant Zim. Beautiful graphics really sell the space atmosphere; a sophisticated title with single and co-operative gameplay. Hopefully the AIM will get the support it deserves with future releases. Farpoint brings you to the front of the action. Just remember in space no one may be able to hear you scream but the neighbours still can.



If you need to unleash your inner John Wick with a little dash of Neo then Superhot is a must. Go full Keanu as time slows down when you do, in rooms full of stylised A.I trying to take your life. As you shoot enemies and snatch their guns, throw knifes, dodge attacks and dodge bullets and even use your own fists to take down your enemies. You will even unlock psychic abilities and explode the very minds of your foes. You feel empowered. Superhot is a unique experience, a constant balance of spacial awareness, gun management and environmental hazards. For such a simple premise do not underestimate just how much skill is needed to succeed. With multiple modes available to increase longevity and by far one of the most fun games available and with the mysterious ‘Mind. Control. Delete’ DLC coming soon, now is the time to become one with the machine.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


Without a doubt a pivotal experience on PSVR, Resident Evil 7 showed the world you can have a full authentic game and how VR can enhance it. An immersive visit to one of the scariest locations made in videogames drawing on over twenty years of lore and resetting it with grungy finesse, Resident evil wants to be taken seriously again. There will be no boulder punching here! The attention to detail in the level design really gives VR players the better experience over the non-VR option too. Play as Ethan as he investigates a lead regarding the whereabouts of his missing ex, which introduces him to the fantastically psychopathic Baker family. Each family member has their own time to shine and each brings a different gameplay style. Part Wrong Turn, part The Hills have Eyes and with a dash of Saw, Capcom has done its research. Well scripted and executed with plenty of genuine scares Resident Evil will make it hard to play but in a good way. Fear has found a home inches from your eyeballs.



With Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim already setting the gold standard for immersive adventure driven role playing games six years ago who knew we could get even closer to the realm of Tamriel with the help of Virtual Reality. One of the most popular games of the Playstation 3 generation fully playable in awesome 360° vision. With one of the most intuitive full locomotion movement systems implemented using the PSVR motion controllers you can disregard the need for teleportation and fully explore Skyrim at your own pace and with such control you will wonder how you ever coped before. With true 1:1 tracking allowing you to fully swing your sword, raise your shield and blast your magic spells. And with the bow and arrow being such a pleasure to use, you will have endless hours of enjoyment as you explore the highest mountains to the lowest mines and everything in-between. Whilst the graphics are perhaps dated they still stand strong against the competition. If you enjoyed Skyrim the first time round this is essential. And if you missed it until now, what are you doing reading this? This game is the justification to VR’s existence and a very solid statement that VR has a fruitful future ahead.

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