Hot on the heels of Netflix’s latest Marvel Cinematic adventure, The Defenders, is the series that has nearly everyone has been crying out for since his first appearance in the second season of Daredevil, The Punisher.

At SDCC fans and critics were treated to an absolutely teasing teaser (a few seconds long – was it worth it?) for the upcoming show but now they’ve released a slightly longer taster for us to feast on and it has a lot more bite.

The message is clear: He is coming to demolish your floor with a giant embedded skull. Ominous, much? Of course. Yet, he is out to kill all criminals and hurt those that have brought anguish on innocent individuals and his interpretation of ‘hurt’ is painful and bloody. You deserve that embedded skull.

We also see quick cuts of him going up against armed personnel on a stairwell, which either suggests that he’s fighting against a new army designed to bring him in or he’s paying a kind homage to his buddy, ‘Red’ aka Daredevil. The guy is synonymous with fights in corridors. This should be awesome.

To say that we are looking forward to this show is an understatement given the impact he had on us in Daredevil. The recent success of The Defenders and renewed faith in the Marvel/Netflix TV-verse also gives us hope that we are in for another blood-soaked and brutal ride from the man in black and white.

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