The trailer for RAGE 2 has finally arrived, just days after the surprise existence of the game was prematurely leaked by Walmart Canada.

Few people were expecting a sequel to RAGE to be released, due to the poor critical and commercial success in 2011, however clearly Bethesda sees a lot of potential in the brand to release a sequel seven years later.

The original title, released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, was an open-world, first-person shooter developed by DOOM studio id Software, though it was more appreciated as an impressive visual tech demo for the id Tech 5 game engine.

Trailer aside, RAGE 2’s official website, where Mad Max’s Avalanche Studios is listed as developer, and while this marks the first time Avalanche has primarily been responsible for a Bethesda game, the two companies do have a history together, as Avalanche has previously worked as support for both Prey and Fallout 4.

The change in developer is interesting, and very clear from the Mad Max-style aesthetics that we can see in the trailer. This change can only mean good things for the RAGE sequel, as few studios have as much experience with open-world games that Avalanche Studios – and with their work on 2015’s Mad Max game, they have already shown that they can do a great job with post-apocalyptic design.

More on RAGE 2 as we have it.

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