Greetings! SBOCateers, this weekend the team is exhibiting at Play Expo Manchester 2017 and there just so happens to be a tonne of awesome games being shown. From Indies to AAA titles, we’ve got you covered for all the gaming goodies throughout the weekend. Stay Tuned!

Inspired by classic 1990s arcade beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, Raging Justice looks set to scratch your retro gaming itch. What struck me first about Raging Justice was its aesthetic. It’s definitely a throwback but also features a level of detail and sharpness which makes it really stand out on modern displays. The gameplay too, is a hodge-podge of old and new feeling weighty yet versatile.

Speaking to the developer of the game it quickly became clear that this modern take on a classic genre is exactly what the game is striving for. Elaborating on this he went on to add “The goal with Raging Justice was to give players the gameplay feel that they REMEMBER from before, but not necessarily the exact same experience. Revisiting the classics, they’re fantastic games for sure, but certain elements feel dated. It’s here that I’ve tried to add a modern spin on things, we’re going for nostalgia not just retro”

In the brief time I spent with the game I was thrust into the hefty boots of Rick Justice and let loose onto the grimy and crime-ridden streets. Punches, kicks, weapons and dash attacks at my disposal, I made short work of the criminals plaguing the streets. Every punch thrown hit with noticeable force and the dodge moves kept the game moving along. The demo ended in a tense boss battle involving a man-hulk hell-bent on beating me into the pavement. By making use of throwable trash cans and baseball bats I scraped by, just.

Raging Justice is planned for an initial release on Xbox One and Steam, with other platforms to follow. Check out a trailer below:



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