Popular for playing The Office’s Dwight Schrute, actor Rainn Wilson has said that he would like to play an older version of Lex Luthor in the DC Extended Universe.

In an interview with ComicBook about playing villain Harry Mudd in Star Trek: Discovery, Wilson was asked what character he would play in a future DCEU movie, if he could:

“Maybe if there’s a chance to do Luther. Of course they cast that guy who’s 27 years old to do Lex Luthor. It didn’t make much sense to me. I guess if they wanted to go back to an older Lex Luthor, that would be a fun part.”

Of course, the ‘27-year-old’ Wilson is referring to is Jesse Eisenberg, who took on the role in 2016’s Batman v Superman, in a much more serious style than predecessors Kevin Spacey (Superman Returns, 2006) and Gene Hackman (Superman, 1978) – a casting choice which baffled many others as it did Wilson, and was clearly due to Eisenberg’s penchant for playing fast-talking geniuses.

And with Wilson’s observations about playing Lex Luthor, it sounds as though he would be more likely to take an approach like Hackman’s when taking on the role. In addition to this, Wilson would like to see the whole atmosphere around Man of Steel change:

“I still think DC has not quite figured out Superman. That’s too bad. I didn’t love the last Superman as much of as other people did, but I think Henry Cavill is pretty great. I haven’t quite figured that out. It doesn’t have the kind of humor and … It’s not the Dark Knight. Superman is not that. It’s got to be something fun with bright colors and outlandish characters.”

However, if it’s ‘fun with bright colours and outlandish characters’ that Wilson is looking for, he might be better off setting his sights on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the DCEU seems to have set itself firmly in the palette introduced by Christopher Nolan in his Batman trilogy – but without the humour. In fact, Wilson also told ComicBook, that he’s a huge fan of Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, and is looking forward to seeing the director’s take on the Thor universe – and given Waititi’s directing style, and Wilson’s comedic chops, it seems the two might be a match for working together.

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