It’s been a long time coming but Stephen Spielberg has returned to the realm of sci-fiction entertainment with an adaptation of Ernest Cline‘s enchanting escapist fantasy story Ready Player One.

SDCC finally unveiled the first full trailer for the highly anticipated movie and here it is:

Set in a dystopian future where people lives in ‘stacks’ (cramped trailer homes combined into towering favela’s) Wade Wyatt spends his time isolated from the rest of the world outside inside a game VR device OASIS where takes on an avatar to seek out Easter eggs within the entire network of games of the eighties. Clearing each stage on various games he finds that each key will lead him to discover a valuable fortune.

Nostalgia seem to be the theme in the current spectrum of TV shows and RPO doesn’t change the trend. There are sprinkles of Spielberg’s own eighties energy and visuals all over this trailer and the overtones of action and drama maybe his strongest or darkest in a long time. Will this be an homage to own filmography while delivering the story’s multi-dimensional adventure and social commentary to the world that we are currently living in where we could be heading to if we are not careful?

Tye Sheridan looks set to become the acting star of tomorrow if this trailer is anything to go by. Yet, the films cast seems to be made of a mixture of stalwarts to Spielberg’s already hefty family of acting talents and young up-and-comers so expect more than just surprises from the story’s dramatic action scenes but also from the wide range of performances, which adds to the refreshing tone and overall cinematic experience.

Ready Player One will be released 30th March 2018 which is plenty of time for you to read the book first.

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