Here we have it, folks. Yet another trailer for what hopes to be the redeeming cinematic feature in Warner’s DCCU, Justice League.

While we’ve been doled out even more visuals and action scenes we’ve also been given a taster of the enemy that our rag-tag band of super-powered outcasts will be fighting. In true comic book style a villain is not scary enough without having a a pair of gnarled horns to give that foreboding appearance of power and destruction. That way you know they mean business and this guy means business.

We’re not giving away who the big bad is as it’s better when you don’t know but from the outset he appears to have brought enough fear and intimidation that even the Amazonians are bracing themselves for him – and that ain’t good.

As we’ve already seen in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Bruce Wayne is touring the globe – both on land and under the sea (you can hear the tune now), seeking out the heroes who will form the first meta-human super-group to stop this tyrant’s coming.

A certain scene showed us a man being experimented on and being made into a cyborg, a random young man using super speed to take out convenience store robbers, a warrior woman who doesn’t seem to age, and a fish finger king with the ego of a hundred blue whales, who will form the foundations of the ‘league‘.

They of course may not be alone in this battle as a couple moments tease more figures could join in. The word ‘lantern’ spoken from Cyborg suggests that a man is a green (it better not be CG!) suit and bandit mask is on his way, and a glass of water shaking means that a Tyrannosaurus Rex is coming (kidding!)

Brace yourselves because come come 17th November the entire DCCU will be a very different place for us all.

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