It’s been announced that Mission Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson has been cast in two highly-anticipated upcoming projects – the Men in Black spinoff and The Shining follow-up, Doctor Sleep.

Ferguson has closed the deal to appear in Sony’s upcoming Men in Black spinoff alongside Chris Hemsworth, Tess Thompson, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Kumail Nanjani and Rafe Spall. The film sees Thompson and Hemsworth as two MiB agents at the British arm of the organisation – with Neeson playing the role of their boss. It will further explore the world built in the original films, though Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have not been confirmed to return. There’s no news as to who Ferguson will be playing.

Doctor Sleep (which she will film after MiB) stars Ewan McGregor as the grown Danny Torrance from Stephen King’s The Shining. Co-writer and director, Mike Flanagan has rewritten the adaptation from Akiva Goldsman of King’s 2013 novel that explores the life of Danny in his 40s, suffering with the same anger and alcoholism that plagued his father. Ferguson will play the villainous role of Rose the Hat, the head of a cult who feed on the “steam” created by those who have a touch of the “shining.” This steam escapes when those people die painfully.

The Men in Black spinoff is set for release on May 14th, 2019 in the US, and June 14th, 2019 in the UK.

Doctor Sleep is currently scheduled for release in January 2020.

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