If you thought that the teaser for I, Tonya gave a flavour of this strange and unusual biopic, than the newly released red-band trailer will blow your mind.

Margot Robbie stars as the world’s most controversial ice skater – Tonya Harding. Originally seen as an underdog, Harding rose up from a rough poverty-stricken childhood in Portland, and with “support” from her mother (played by Allison Janney) she became one of the top figure skaters in the United States.

She was the first female skater to complete the triple axel jump in the largest competitions, and emerged victorious at the 1991 US Figure Skating Championships, going on to earn silver at the World Championships.

The run-up to the 1994 Olympics changed everything for Harding, when she conspired with then-husband Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan) to attack her rival Nancy Kerrigan (Caitlin Carver) during the qualifying rounds at the US Figure Skating Championships held in Detroit, which was part of the selection process for the US Olympic team. Gillooly and co-conspirators Shawn Eckardt (Paul Walter Hauser) and Shane Stant (Ricky Russert) made a plan, and Stant clubbed Kerrigan in the right knee, aiming to break her leg, however Kerrigan only ended up bruised – and part of the incident was captured on camera.

Despite what became known as ‘The Whack Heard Round The World’, Kerrigan still won a place on the Olympic team, ending up with a silver medal, while Harding, consumed by the scandal, only placed eighth and was eventually banned from the sport for life.

Craig Gillespie is at the helm of the project, which promises to be a biopic that scraps the regular format in favour of skating the fine line between the truth and the myth swirling around its subject.

I, Tonya is set for a UK release on February 23rd, 2018.

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