Fans of Rockstar’s open-world Western, Red Dead Redemption, got a special treat today, when the company revealed a new trailer for the prequel that featured nothing but gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s release is only a couple of months away, and now gamers know exactly what they can expect from the game upon its release.

The game is a prequel of the original starring Arthur Morgan, the leader of a group of outlaws following a failed bank robbery. Travelling across America in 1899, players must avoid the law while travelling through cities, deserts, swamplands, and snowy mountains where they could fall victim to predators and scavengers at any moment.

Rockstar has said that gamers will be able to get to know the whole crew through the course of the game, as you can talk to any member at any time, and they’ll give you missions to complete. You will also be able to take people out with you on specific activities, such as hunting and fishing. Clearly, the team dynamic is a big part of this prequel.

The game mechanic that allows players to slow time and line up shots – Dead Eye – is also back, and better that ever. Guns are more realistic in terms of reloading and recoil, and if you happen to wound an animal, there’s a chance that they will run away, leaving you to hunt them down using old-school tactics.

In an effort to make Red Dead Redemption 2 even more realistic, Rockstar have paid special attention to the in-game horses, who will all have different temperaments, likes and dislikes. You will be able to feed and groom your steed, strengthening the bond between man and beast, and the more experience you build up with your horse, the better its stats will be – handy when it comes to calming it down.

All in all, this trailer shows that Rockstar have taken special care to make this game better than ever before, so when Red Dead Redemption 2 is released on October 26th, fans will be flooding to bring it home.

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