Another day, another cult remake from Hollywood. This time, it’s John Carpenter classic Escape From New York – and this version isn’t going to be the way you remember.

20th Century Fox won the rights to the remake a while back, and now a ton of new details about the remake have been released, and it’s going to be very different from the original. Be warned, there are potential spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know, turn back now. We won’t judge you.

The Wrap has reported several major details about the remake. Apparently, Fox wants to go “Planet of the Apes-style” with it, which makes sense in that their Apes franchise has gone down well with fans and critics alike, as well as the films not being a direct remake of the originals but use the general premise to create their own world.

This seems to be the path that Escape From New York will follow. The biggest details revealed in this, however, is that New York won’t be a prison, as it is in the original – which is a little worrying, as that was central to the original film’s plot. The Wrap explains it like this:

“New York City isn’t a maximum security prison. Weird, right? Because New York being a prison was kind of crucial to the whole “escape from New York” concept. In the reboot, New York is breathtakingly lovely. Manhattan is the island we know, but with more towering glass structures and a high, undulating glass wall. The sky is alive with drones as serene as bees, and artificial intelligence controls all in the form of an ethnically ambiguous, cheery young woman called April. A small staff of technicians and researchers known as “Seers” monitor all.”

This revelation is pretty big, but this new report had a lot more details about the movie. For one, hero Snake Plissken’s real name will be revealed (which is a biggie) and there will be a new villain. The film’s original villain was the Duke of New York, played by Isaac Hayes, however this time around, the villain will be Thomas Newton, described as “playboy heir to an agrochemical and biotech corporation” who donated his fortune years ago. The Escape From New York remake will also be gender-swapping the role of Hauk, originally played by Lee Van Cleef, becoming CIA Deputy Executive Director Roberta Hauk, who is yet to be cast.

Also, the new movie won’t start out in New York, but another major city somewhere outside of the US. It sounds as though one of the major issues looming in this movie will be a massive hurricane, name “Superstorm Ellery.” The other point of conflict will come when the security system that monitors the city will have vulnerabilities which put the whole city at risk.

Snake will also have less time to complete his mission, as the original 22 hours will go down to only 11. Also, there will a failsafe in place in the city, called Fatboy, which is described as “an ominous, dull metal sphere about the size of a car, in a nest of conduits and cabling.”

Lastly, the whole world will be in chaos:

“Globally, one in every seventy-five human beings is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum.”

Fox has hired Luthor writer Neil Cross to pen the screenplay for the film, and has recently turned in a draft. As yet, the film has no release date, but John Carpenter will serve as an Executive Producer, with Andrew Rona and The Picture Company also producing.

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