Capcom have announced the Gold Edition of this year’s horror blockbuster Resident Evil 7. The special edition collects all of the DLC so far as well as the upcoming Not A Hero and End of Zoe DLC packs.

The Not a Hero DLC stars the iconic Chris Redfield and takes place after the horrifying events of Resident Evil 7. The DLC will release December 14 before the Gold edition releases on December 24.

The End of Zoe DLC will see players discovering the final part of Zoe’s tale. They will fight through swamps and gloomy woodland in order to survive. Resident Evil 7 took the series back to its survival horror roots after the more action-orientated Resident Evil 6. The game stars the Baker family and thrusts players into a battle for survival in the midst of a swamp. Resident Evil 7 was praised on release for its old-school approach to resource management and the fact that it was completely playable in PlayStation VR.

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