Resident Evil 7 may cross another important milestone, but Capcom’s newest sequel remains one of the long-standing franchise’s lowest-selling games.

When the first Resident Evil game was released back in 1996, no one could have expected it to grow to the gaming giant it is today. With 25 games under its banner, a record-breaking movie franchise, and no end to the series in sight, Capcom has proven that zombies can still bring in the big bucks. However, while RE7 was released last year to critical acclaim, the newest sales figures are rather grim.

After having won Best VR Audio at 2018’s Game Audio Network Guild Awards, Capcom shared a post which revealed that RE7 had sold an impressive 5.1 million copies. This is a significant number of games to sell, but if you break down the figures of the rest of the series, this number is a lot less impressive. The newest game has sold the least amount of copies for a Resident Evil game since Resident Evil 3 was released in 1999, even having been beaten by the original two games.

Resident Evil 7 may have only been out for a year, however, when you consider that the previous game has sold 10 million copies since 2012, it seems that the newest title may be struggling. Capcom have set a minimum sales target of 10 million in summer last year, which they will keep striving to reach, however Monster Hunter World has now stolen the title of the company’s best-selling game ever, so the low sales can’t be blamed on a decline in the industry.

Perhaps the reason for the low sales numbers is that the gaming industry is a little oversaturated right now with regards to zombie games, as upcoming titles like The Last of Us Part II and Overkill’s The Walking Dead are also vying for the attention of Resident Evil’s market.

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