Director Rian Johnson has finally responded to Star Wars fans who want to remake Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it’s perfect.

After the poor box office performance of Star Wars spinoff Solo, Disney have begun to re-evaluate their Star Wars strategy, and some fans have taken the opportunity to canvass the studio to remake Johnson’s The Last Jedi.

A new Twitter account, Remake The Last Jedi, have claimed that they have a “team of producers” willing to fund the remake. They go on to promise that they will consult Star Wars fans throughout the writing process (and are even accepting fan submissions) with the goal of making “a version of TLJ that is as close to universally accepted as possible!”

When Johnson came across their tweet, he gave a simple response:

And much the director amusement, writer Rachel Pendergrass went a step further, suggesting that they make “a reality show of this production process” – which, let’s face it, we’d all like to see.

Many others began to pose more serious questions, such as Seth Rogen, who was confused as to why anyone would invest in a project without a script, cast, or even the legal ability to make the film:

Star Wars legend Frank Oz (the voice of Yoda) was less than amused by the whole idea, pointing out that there are far worthier causes out there for the money to go to than remaking a film they aren’t happy with:

According to the Remake The Last Jedi Twitter account, they are keen to open a dialogue with Disney in order to try and get this film made. Also, in a somewhat delusional manner, the account believe that this film would even help Disney in their bidding war against Comcast to purchase 21st Century Fox, explaining that “A clear plan laid out showing how the Star Wars films are going to return to being the cash cows they once were will go a long way towards tipping the scale.”

Let’s be honest, we’re in no danger of this film ever being made. Everyone has a film that isn’t what they wanted from a concept, Disney aren’t going to spend millions to remake a film that already brought home a ton of profit at the box office, so just try to move past it and get ready for Episode IX.

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