Rejoice fans of Rick and Morty!

When a show needs very little introduction it’s proof of its nigh-universal brilliance and adoration. So we won’t say anything of its premise as you already know.

Okay, okay! For those who still don’t get it it’s about an ageing and drunken grandfather, Rick, with the perfect scientific mind and constantly goads his pubescent grandson, Morty, to go on a whirlwind of multi-dimensional and cosmic adventures, much to his chagrin but can who else can say their work experience was that cool? Nobody, that’s who.


The show, which sees its season 3 release date on July 30th, will air weekly on Netflix UK. This fills the legions of fans who have been pining for its return with glee. Alas, the uploads will be made a week behind Adult Swim’s broadcast of the show (it is their show. They get first dibs).

We’ll leave the news here and simply say that we are biting our nails in antici…pation (!) for it.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

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