Janet Tamaro, creator of hit series, Rizzoli & Isles, is developing a new female police drama series for Fox.

The series, currently entitled Smoke and Mirrors, will follow a seasoned detective who is now a mother raising two children, stuck behind a desk. When a colleague falls ill, she is unexpectedly pulled back into the field to cover for them, working with a young female rookie detective, who has been deep undercover on a case.

20th Century Fox Television is producing the series, which Fox has ordered a script for and Tamaro will both write and take on the role of executive producer.

Tamaro’s last hit Rizzoli & Isles concluded in September 2016, after being on for seven seasons (105 episodes) and was based on a series of novels by writer Tess Gerritsen. In addition to this, Tamaro has also written and produced on shows like Bones, Lost, Sleeper Cell, Law & Order: SVU and CSI: New York.

We’ll have more about Tamaro’s new series as it develops.

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