How long do you have left on this planet or existence? Because Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich believe we are immortal. Last year Malkovich and Rodriguez announced that they had made a movie, aptly titled ‘100 Years’, and will not be seen until 2115.

Very little information has been given regarding what the movie about but according to Rodriguez it will be “emotionally charged”. Instead of give anything about the story away three teasers were made to hint at possible interpretations of the future. One, a dystopian fallout of an Chernobyl-like event; two, a return to nature society; and three, a fully computerised city filled to the brim with tech and metal (as seen in the trailer above.

The idea was presented to Malkovich (clearly a man with great taste in cognacs) by the liquor brand, which – surprise, surprise – ages 100 years.

Was this movie was made purely to promote Louis XIII Cognac? Not that I mind. It is a beautifully made drink but please tell me there’s more to the story.

Rather interestingly, the brains at Louis XIII will be giving out 100 metal tickets that will allow the receiver to pass it down to their descendants to view. Huh. And here I was thinking about going into Cryostasis to see it. I hope the future has souvla and churros.

100 Years will be released November 8th 2115. Don’t worry if forget to put it in your diaries – you have 100 years to remember! Better yet, set your DVR’s to record it.

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