The CW has released the first trailer for their reboot of the 1999 sci-fi series, Roswell, based on the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz.

The original series focused on alien/human hybrids Max and sister Isobel, their friends Michael and Tess, along with their human friends, as they dealt with the trials and tribulations of High school life, conspiracies and their alien origin. It is the relationship between Max and Liz (a human) which was the cornerstone of the series, and from the trailer, it seems as though the reboot will also focus on this relationship. But, rather than the characters being in high school, they’re adults.

Liz, a biomedical researcher who returns home to visit her parents, who are undocumented Mexican immigrants, and Max is a cop trying to conceal his secret extra-terrestrial origins.

Unfortunately, Roswell, New Mexico didn’t have a panel at SDCC, so there’s little information beyond the trailer. However, from the trailer we do get a glimpse of Max and Liz’s relationship in high school, before it reveals the UFO crash in Roswell. Despite the disapproval if Max’s family and friends, he begins a relationship with Liz that threatens to reveal his secret to the world.

As well as the romance, the trailer also showcases a little of the aliens’ powers, which Max is forced to use on a dying Liz when she’s shot.

Though this reboot is drawing on both the original series and the books, it does have a completely new addition in the form of Liz’s parents. Having undocumented immigrants as part of the story will not only relate to current news, but will also spark conversations about the nature of “illegal aliens.”

Roswell, New Mexico is set to hit The CW on April 29th, 2019.

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