While many in the movie industry don’t see Rotten Tomatoes as the best way to gauge movie quality, their Tomatometer scores are important advertising tools to draw in audiences. However, don’t expect to be seeing their score for Justice League until Thursday.

The social media embargo for the film was lifted last week, and the review embargo ends tomorrow morning, Rotten Tomatoes have decided not to reveal their score until November 16th – the day before the film opens in cinemas.

The delayed reveal is part of Rotten Tomatoes’ new Facebook show See It/Skip It, which reveals the scores for films the day before they open – something they also did with recent release, Bad Moms Christmas.

It’s certainly an odd move for a movie as big as Justice League, and is a little worrying for fans who are eager to see whether this film is continuing the success streak of Wonder Woman. It could go either way.

Justice League opens November 17th.

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