Three episodes into Marvel’s Runaways, and fans can finally get excited about the arrival of one of the comicbook’s most iconic characters – Gertrude Yorke’s dinosaur companion, Old Lace.

The series focuses on a group of six teenagers who battle their super-villain parents with weapons ranging from magic to scientific creations – one of the most highly anticipated of these scientific creations is dinosaur Old Lace. Gertrude, played in the show by Ariela Barer, has genetically programmed the dinosaur to obey her commands and the character is a favourite for the heroes and readers alike.

With Runaways garnering rave reviews from critics and fans, many have been anticipating the reveal of Old Lace. And thanks to Barer, fans can now see the dinosaur in all her glory. Part puppetry, part visual effects (from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. team) Old Lace can be seen with her head bowed next to Barer in one of the photos below, which the actress shared via Twitter.

A combination of practical and visual effects was a smart move, as Old Lace and Gertrude have a relationship similar to one a person would have with a cat or a dog, and so this path should allow the dinosaur to become a vivid and interactive character with all actors on screen.

Runaways streams new episodes every Tuesday.

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