In a bizarre turn of events, it has been revealed that Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds has been cast in live-action film, Detective Pikachu.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, late Wednesday night, reporting that Reynolds has joined Justice Smith (The Get Down) and Kathryn Newton (Lady Bird) in the latest big-screen venture of the successful Japanese game franchise.

The story revolves around Pikachu as a Detective, as he helps a young boy find his missing father, with Newton playing a journalist that they meet along the way. According to THR, Reynolds will play the role of Pikachu with “motion-capture in nature”.

If Reynolds’ social media and Deadpool performance has taught us anything, it’s that he has the perfect sense of humour to take on a strange role like this. He’s also had a lot of experience in lending his voice to characters – or even himself in a Family Guy episode – so it’s probably safe to say that Pikachu won’t just be saying his own name over and over in this film.

Many have also noticed that Reynolds might have hinted at the casting months ago when he posted a picture on his Twitter of the iconic Pokémon character dressed as Deadpool:

A lot of fans out there aren’t happy about the casting, though. When the news of an English version of Detective Pikachu being made, many fans agreed on the dreamcasting of Danny DeVito, which seemed like a natural fit. However, DeVito himself has been vocal about not wanting the role, as when he was asked about the possibility of taking on the role, he literally said “no” and then “what the F is a Pokémon?” So, it was never really to be.

More news on Detective Pikachu when we have it.


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