Adapting a comic book or video game to film is no easy feat of accomplishment despite the volume of films being made by Hollywood. The big two comic book publishers may hold the monopoly on that at the moment but things could be on the rise for others. Some say (and have said) that there are titles that just cannot or should not be a transferred to the big or silver screen due to the complex nature of the characters, the story, or the themes set out. Few have truly achieved what some call the ‘impossible’.

Hollywood has its creative juices controlled by any number of hindering factors, so perhaps it’s up to those most passionate about their favoured titles and stories, the audience and fans, to bring them to life with their own – or even the right – vision on them.

Fan movies are not new to the entertainment world but in recent years there has been rise in the volume adaptations, and production standards and values are growing to the point where they could supersede the major studios in the ability to produce them.

For some years there were a number of stories about how writers and producers were looking to bring Neil Gaiman‘s harrowing tale Sandman to the television masses, even American Gods developer Bryan Fuller was said to be interested but like so many ideas floating around it was just another wicked whisper showing no promise of happening. This motivated one group of fans to produce their own film focusing on a single issue from the comics., entitled Sandman: 24 Hour Diner.

Filmmakers Evan Henderson and Nicholas Brown adapted The Sandman #6, ’24 Hours’ (w: Neil Gaiman, a: Mike Dringenberg), which saw Dream of The Endless emerge after decades in captivity. It’s here where both the story and Gaiman found some pace and started to included a number of characters from the DC comics universe. Some of which appear towards the end of this video. The original title was very intense and graphic so if you are out an about look over your shoulder so not to freak others out with your reactions.

The Sadman creator Neil Gaiman has seen the film and showed his approval for it via his Twitter feed. If the creator of a character and concept gives a fan-made project a big thumbs you know that it’s gonna be good.

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