DC has some hot comics hitting the shelves today. For this week’s installment, the focus is on four books that made the shortlist.

BATMAN BEYOND #10 ($3.99)
Art by Bernard Chang, Written by Dan Jurgens

This series is starting to get really interesting. After the shocking revelation that the new leader of the league of Shadows is Damian Wayne (say what??), Terry McGuiness is finding out that the warnings Bruce gave him about the prototype bat suit are starting to happen. In part five of the “Rise of the Demon” storyline, Terry is becoming a colder, deadlier Batman. Trapped in the lair of Ra’s al Ghul and surrounded by the League of Shadows, our winged crusader must somehow escape the clutches of the League as well as getting Bruce out of this mess alive. Terry’s suit may be the only chance for them to survive the onslaught.

MOTHER PANIC #9  ($3.99)
Art by John Paul Leon, Written by Jody Houser

For those of you who may not know much about this title, go check it out. There is another layer of Gotham that is shown through this book and it’s not pretty. In this issue, as Mother Panic zeroes-in on Remains, Violet’s augmentation continues to cause Mother Panic’s suit major issues and this sucks. Especially since she needs to defeat her mysterious nemesis in time. As an added bonus in this issue, there is the next installment of “Gotham Radio” by Jim Krueger (Justice) and Phil Hester (Green Arrow).

WONDER WOMAN #27 ($2.99)
Art by Jesus Merino, Mirka Andolfo, Written by Shea Fontana

In part 2 of the story arc of “Heart of the Amazon”. Someone near and dear to Diana is behind some pretty nasty attacks on her and her friends. This person may know a bit more about Diana’s ability than even she does. Whoa! Revelation time.

SUICIDE SQUAD #22 ($2.99)
Art by Gus Vazquez, Written by Rob Williams

Fans of this rag tag bunch of high-jacked super criminals carrying out heroic acts is getting more interesting with each issue. In part two of “Kill Your Darlings”, Amanda Waller is sickened to find the Suicide Squad is commanded by her own dark mirror, Direktor Karla. She has out-witted the Task Force X leader in the one game she cannot afford to lose: control. What happens next will no doubt be something that will shake this crew to the core. The creative marriage of Vazquez and Williams continues to grow to new heights with each page.

Be sure to check these books and more out the next time you are in your local comic book shop.

Enjoy and Godspeed.

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