In the midst of SDCC, DC Comics have announced that they will be launching a new Shazam! comic book series, later this year, ahead of the film release in 2019.

The series will focus on the superhero of the same name, who is really a young boy named Billy Batson, you can change himself into a grown superhero by saying the word “Shazam!”

Set to launch in November, this Shazam! series is no doubt hoping to boost the number of fans that will head to see Zachary Levi play the character in the movie adaptation coming out in 2019, as the last attempt from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank was released years ago. This release didn’t have individual issues, but was rather a collection of back-up stories that ran in issues of Johns’ then-ongoing Justice League run.

This series will again be written by Johns, but this time in the company of artist Dale Eaglesham. Based on the promotional art that’s been released so far, it seems as though the new series will keep some of the changes that Johns and Frank put in place. The duo changed the original Shazam! story, making Batson a mean kid, instead of the innocent that he had always been portrayed as. As well as this, they made him part of a foster family with five adopted sisters and brothers: Mary Bromfield, Freddy Freeman, Eugene Choi, Pedro Peña, and Darla Dudley – and from the art it seems that all six children will have the ability to change themselves into their own superheroes.

Johns revealed the news at a Spotlight panel at SDCC, where he also announced that he would be helming the new Stargirl live-action series.

The Shazam! comic book series arrives this November.

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