While the Russo brothers have been the Marvel golden boys for the past few years, their time in the MCU is coming to a close. But, the duo are moving on to a comic adaptation for SyFy of Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s Deadly Class, the trailer for which debuted at SDCC.

Appearing via video in the convention’s Indigo Ballroom, the brothers tactfully dodged the lingering question of the Avengers 4 title, and talked a little about their love for the source material:

“We’ve been huge fans of the book and huge fans of Rick Remender and we’ve put a lot of time and thought and energy and passion into bringing that book to the screen as authentically as possible.”

Based on the Image Comics title from Remender and Craig (who will be the series’ co-showrunners) Deadly Class centres around a private assassin’s academy called King’s Dominion and the introduction of homeless Marcus to the often murderous teenagers who attend it.

Showrunners Remender, Craig, Miles Orion Feldsott and Mick Betancourt were joined at the panel by stars Benedict Wong (Master Lin), Benjamin Wadsworth (Marcus), Lana Condor (Saya), María Gabriela De Faría (Maria), and Luke Tennie (Willie).

deadly class syfy

Remender also revealed to Deadline that there will be another two characters in the comic series which have yet to be cast – bookish Shabnam, and Marcus’ enemy Chester “F*ckface” Wilson – both of who feature heavily in the early issues of the series, which is now on its 35th issue.

Deadly Class is coming to SyFy in 2019.

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