During their SDCC panel, SyFy unveiled plans to introduce DC villain, Lobo, in Season 2 of Krypton, the series that revolves around the untold story of Superman’s home planet.

Season 2, due out next year, will explore the fallout of the first season’s events, and in many ways will see the series begin afresh as showrunner Cameron Welsh and his team look to redefine the world that was saved in the previous season.

Lobo is from the peaceful planet of Czarnia, though he himself was born a devil in the midst of utopia. A loose translation of his name in his native language is “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it” – which really tells you all you need to know.

However, if that wasn’t enough, he also single-handedly slaughtered his entire civilisation as a teenager, becoming the last of his race. He then began to roam the universe as a mercenary, getting paid for what he was doing already – murdering people.

Although the series is set on bringing in Lobo for Season 2, no one has been cast in the role yet.

Krypton returns in 2019.

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