As revealed at their SDCC panel, Season 2 of The Gifted will be focusing a little more on the oppression that the X-Men often face in the comics.

Sean Teale (Eclipse) told EW in an interview, “We opened it up, so there are so many other facets of the X-Men and just our universe in general that we haven’t been able to show because of what we were doing last year. And now that we’ve been on the run, we see so many cities, so many subsets of the mutant world.”

Joined by fellow actors Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker), Emma Dumont (Polaris), Blair Redford (Thunderbird), Jamie Chung (Blink), Natalie Alyn Lind (Lauren Strucker), and Skyler Samuels (Esme), Teale mentioned the season’s new villains, The Purifiers:

“The Purifiers are a mutant hate group. I don’t know what parallels we could compare that to in modern-day times,” he added sarcastically. “If only we had an idea. They’re tiki torch-carrying mutant haters.”

Chung also spoke a little about the introduction of the Morlocks, a group of mutants who, in the comics, live underground in the sewers:

“It’s the proper mutant underground, like, they’re literally mutants that live underground. That’s a really interesting story line, but you get to see a different side, or a different society, of how mutants could live freely — but underground.”

Season 2 will begin six months after the events of the Season 1 finale, and we will see Polaris in labour. As with her father, Magneto, her powers are influenced by her emotions, so this event sees her more powerful than ever, as Dumont explained:

“She follows her exact father’s footsteps. They have the same political beliefs and, now that she’s gonna be a mother, she understands what it means to be a parent and what you have to sacrifice.”

The Gifted returns on September 25th.

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