No Brakes Games and Curve Digital to add winning level to PC and console versions later this year

No Brakes Games and Curve Digital are proud to announce the second-ever level-building contest for the beloved multi-platform physics-based puzzler, Human: Fall Flat. This contest is themed around ‘Sports Day’ with a grand prize of $10,000 USD to whoever produces the best level, judged by Human: Fall Flat’s development team.

To see an example of the variety and depth of user-generated content possible in Human: Fall Flat, check out this trailer showcasing last year’s competition winners:

This contest was first devised to reward the growing Human: Fall Flat community for all the inventive, imaginative and frankly jaw-dropping levels they were producing for the Unity-powered hit. To stand a chance of taking home the gold medal for the latest competition, the prospective winner will need to ensure their level offers replayability and provides opportunities for compelling local co-op and online multiplayer play.

If you’ve yet to enter the world of Human: Fall Flat‘s Steam Workshop, check out this handy guide which offers help to get any budding creator started on the road to victory.  The winner will not only receive $10,000, but will also see their level released in a new content update for all versions of Human: Fall Flat (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch) later this year. All entries must be submitted by 1st March, 2020 via Steam Workshop.

This contest follows hot on the heels of last year’s competition won by Święty Krab and Gotcha, both of whom bagged $10,000 each for their levels ‘Thermal’ and ‘Factory’ respectively. Both levels are available for all to play on the Steam Workshop right now and will be released as part of the base game across all PC and console platforms in 2020.

“I’m surprised to see how quickly another competition is coming,” said Workshop Competition #1 winner Tyler Ehninger (Gotcha). “It will be great to see the other amazing creators who did so well in the first round have another opportunity to showcase their talents, and to see a lot of new creators join us.”

“I had no experience with 3D modelling before 2019, so really these competitions can be won by anybody! And the world of sports offers so many possibilities, I can already imagine how many amazing different level entries there are going to be,” he added.

For more information about Human: Fall Flat and to say up to date with the latest UGC content competition, check out the official Steam page.

Additionally you can chat with game’s friends and community on the official Human: Fall Flat Discord channel.

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