We know what you’re thinking – is this just some argument from Marvel fans to show DC that they think they’re better? Maybe. But that doesn’t take away from all the evidence in this video from Screen Crush which shows just how similar Justice League and The Avengers actually are.

The MCU took the slower approach when it came to their team outing, introducing many of the characters in solo ventures before they united them, however the DCEU brought in a new trio of heroes in Justice League, cramming in as much backstory as they could to expand the universe.

There are plenty of critics out there who are ready to say that Zack Snyder‘s team-up was a ripoff of the Marvel movie – especially as Joss Whedon was involved in both, however the video below has pointed out how similar the two films are – and there’s a lot.

Perhaps the most glaring similarity is that the plot revolves around a big glowing box that opens a portal. In The Avengers, the plot revolves around the Tesseract, which Loki uses to bring forth an evil alien army. Whereas, in Justice League, Steppenwolf is using three glowing ‘mother boxes’ to realise his plan.

There’s even some pretty big characterisation similarities. And while the video is very interesting, it will no doubt upset the already temperamental Marvel/DC fandom rivalry.

What do you think – is DC copying it’d super-rival? Or is it impossible not to borrow from others in the saturated superhero movie market? Let us know in the comments!

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