DC’s Shazam! is continuing to add to its ever-increasing cast, as The Walking Dead’s Cooper Andrews has signed on to star in the film.

David F. Sandberg’s big screen iteration of the popular hero, will follow the next DC film, Aquaman, which debuts in December next year. Shazam! follows Billy Batson, a young boy who can transform into an adult superhero upon uttering the magic word – SHAZAM – an acronym of the gods from which he draws his abilities, Soloman, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

Chuck star Zachary Levi will play the adult version of the character, while Asher Angel will play Billy – several more child actors have recently been brought onto the feature, and Dwayne Johnson has been signed up to play villain Black Adam, though he won’t appear in the initial Shazam! film.

Deadline today announced that Cooper Andrews would be joining the cast, in an as-yet unspecified role. A familiar face to TV audiences, Andrews recently completed a run on AMC’s The Walking Dead, as King Ezekiel’s right hand man, Jerry – he also starred in Sundance TV’s Red Road alongside big screen Aquaman, Jason Momoa.

There is a significant amount of pressure on Shazam! to do well, as Justice League was a relative box office failure, leaving many to question whether the DCEU will survive without a complete overhaul. Sandberg, at least, seems to have a strong handle on the Shazam character, and though his background is in horror films, the director is set on maintaining the character’s family friendly appeal, so a least we won’t have to worry about another dark and moody superhero origin story.

Shazam! is slated for release on April 5th, 2019.

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