Since his first appearance in Batman #21 (vol.2) Duke Thomas has been bred and trained by each hero who has assumed the title of Robin, and Batman in order to joining the ranks of the Bat-Family as a vigilante in his own right. Not content with being just another sidekick to Batman’s cause Duke has taken on a more illuminating moniker to dole out justice to Gotham’s dark underbelly.

Below are the initial designs of Duke’s own alter-ego, ‘The Signal’, from the forthcoming mini-series Batman and the Signal, and bring him into his own spotlight as the latest crime fighter/vigilante to don their own cowl and armor. Aesthetically, alike Robin, the colour of the suit is strikingly different to Batman’s broody black and cape and cowl combination. So, he will be more of a daytime fighter.


The title will be written by Scott Snyder and Tony Patrick, and illustrated by the divine Cully Hamner and see Thomas deal with the trails and tribulations of life and high school while receive training from the Bat and fight crime.

Batman and the Signal #1 will be released November 2018

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