No strangers to the horror genre, Shaun of the Dead stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are set to produce a horror comedy TV series, entitled Truth Seekers. Both lovers of horror, it’s no surprise that the duo’s next project will plant itself firmly within the genre.

Pegg and Frost spoke to Variety about the formation of their own indie production company last year, Stolen Picture, and with their first movie set to come out this year, they also have a TV series on the horizon.

Entitled Truth Seekers, the series will be a half-hour comedy horror, revolving around a trio of paranormal investigators who encounter a different supernatural creature, or phenomenon in each episode. Pegg summed up the premise like this:

“Each episode is going to be an adventure, a potential haunting or something. It’ll start as a very parochial idea, a very small business venture for these people, but it will expand as the series goes on to be something far more global. It’s a language everyone understands, the mystery of the unknown. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was a very parochial story set in North London and somehow it managed to get this global reach because everyone understands the language of zombie movies.”

What the interview doesn’t specify, however, is whether Pegg or Frost will play any role on camera – if they were going to star, they probably would have mentioned it, however there may be a chance of the two taking on small recurring roles, if not starring ones.

Also on Stolen Picture’s plate is another horror comedy – but this time a feature film – Slaughterhouse Rulez, which is currently in post-production. The film is set in an upper-class U.K. school which is attacked by a demon when a fracking project releases the beast from within the Earth.

Sony is serving as the distributor for Stolen Picture’s, though neither Truth Seekers or Slaughterhouse Rulez currently have release dates.

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